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Metaphysics is the ground of rationality of science in which the ignorance of it lead us to skepticism or despair

Metaphysics has often been associated with the search of for necessary truth. It might seem that if is to provide a firm foundation, it must itself be left standing in need to be kind justification it attempts to offer human practice. And the possibility if metaphysic suggest an escape route from nihilism and a grounding for science.
Metaphysics has always been particularly concerned with what there is, with the nature of reality. That is problem lies at the root s of all questions and perhaps we have to deal with the most basic presuppositions of our thought

Without metaphysical reflection, there would be no suitable intellectual resources on which to draw answer criticism and challenges.
Metaphysics may separate from reality from particular conceptions of it, even they are correct.

Metaphysics as discipline cannot be defined out of existence , or dismissed as irrelevant or meaningless.
Since rationality cannot identified with physical, social or other kinds of process. Because the more significant is the realization that recognizing involves the ability to reason about the subject it self. And science without is undirected and even self-contradictory. Science presupposes that we can recognize the truth and also there is a truth to be recognized and epistemology neend some form pf metaphysics. We will trust the science because it give us knowledge and we will regards its pronounces as source of knowledge because we trust it. As scientist we are need an assurance if a link between science and the way things are. If reality were unstructured and disorderly, indeterminate and fundamentally chaotic, science would be imposible. It is thorough metaphysical reflection that we see the preconditions of science.
Science doe not provide one clear and uncontested explanation. It methods often provide a licence for different explanation a varying levels. Which often are unlikely to be all equally right.

Metaphysics star form a conception of reality and then locates humanity I it.
Like science metaphysic also concerned with the character of reality
And metaphysic question sometimes does not have obvious answers
The philosophical discipline of metaphysics often appeared to provide the basis on which all human intellectual enquiry, including empirical investigation, finally rested.
And without this basic human knowledge will lead to skepticisme, because how as subject may not assure of any of his intellectual activity and any of process of human knowledge presuppose believing in reality, believing in orderly and believing there is a reality which can depend on it.an as human or subject he can lay on his argument, his existence his, way of searching and so on.

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