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civilization and islamic epistemological 7-9-07

itini ditulis di icas

islam have contributing ahuge tradition, culture,and give a ggod condodition to nex generation moslem or not moslem to elevate his life, islami civilization no only in material heritage but also in mental, ethos, ethic such benepit from science, or knowledege.
civilization is gorrowing form studi form sicence and from ilm activity tradition suppoerted by genisu in his age, such ibnu sina, farabii ,ibnu rusyd and other.

As in adagium the great man create a great history and also a great thinker creat a big civilization, it is realy an true.
material, corporeal thing suc madrasah, masjid, streets, library, center of activity, center of any productive and contributoon thing is herited from mind, and what thier padadigme of live , and how the manage and thing, interpreting of live. and so on tolrerancce and temeperacn of th most power of man to knowledg to scicens also adn definetelly give a great contribution to world

not onlye in phisictal but also ini estetica, suporting bay society, suporting by religous tekxt suporting by ethos , islam had world hard to make beter live, and thet believe that living better is will be made if they conecet to knowledeg,
God is ordered all moslem to seeking knowledege, and god will make ease to faradise.

so , some one thing the posperity of moslem is one asepce to higer the ethos, in suc welathy condition muslome , have doing ggood things, all accidentally in that space pople motivated to ekpsre his intelectualitu capabiulit in books. periodically is very hard to found in suc majestic ang glorious age
in this vie of point the analysis will be constituted to development the suc amazing civilization.

to seek knowledeg having its origin in the holyu Quran and hadith, and traditions of the immaculate of imam ( upon whom be peace and blessing)

it also not merely signifies integrity of conduct and attainment of high intellectual levels, the world of ilmu, sciece, knowledge has been mentioned several times in the holy quran

nowadays, the issue of civilization is one of the most controversial issue treated by th world of thought. in fact this issue has been an object of attention by thinkers throughout history.
seeking the ilm, knowledeg symbol symbolize beauty, self-sacrifice, perseverance, in islamic approach to be glory, rahmatan ilil alamin is has been considered as ground for the rise of islam

of course, the development of islam taking a dignifying and trutful approach toward attidudet.

ia jus collection of view alla agree upom things man principal in human society.

isn islamic epistemologi

rise of islam 1400 years ago in the arabian peninsula caused extaordinary change in regard to epistemologi aspect. in islamic tradition therea not prepiosly good anylisis to ilmu, knowledge, but is not lack is kind becaus e there the have face anothe problem that vey significant to them suc politic, islmic mision, book.

Misbah yazdi gi pay atention to make definiton more complet presen thing as it as in partifula and in universal in mind os like myu cat, my house i veru particualr meanwhile such he aware in numerous verses in holu quran has refered to right and approved th epistemologi view points.
commonly denotes

in order to dissemination of islamic culture

pre crsiton mysticem come form plato, aristole dan socrates

plato wo beli in his life interseting
to deat-logical propostilan adna ethic

meanwhile plato in moce attractive to human
soul vistueo of soul
soul oe pre imenen ath body solut is diivde inot 3 rationa, spirit and apetitive

re-member remebering oriu sel come back to be remember oru self.
wi remember god, zikir ini soima rmeber in hart but in west remember in ration, rationi highets becaus near to divine,

ia in center .ia have to have a center in live, even and waht hapoen in aroune me , center is very importan, center also in state,

so foundation of intelek (nous)
realm of islmic epistemologi os islam not conce to scepticisme. so porty meaningless is epsitemogl casus cant not solve the probelm of scepticisme, and hiking dealing wiht iknat immauel kant anylises, is also problem

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