Kamis, 20 September 2007

draft kuliah, dll 21-septemb 2007s

wujud itu

1.ada panteisme : 1. god and creatur, no separate 2. god unity in each creature 3.no god but in conecitn all of creature = god (itihad, hulul)

2.wujud in peripaterits dan theologi, all exist is independen, no unity, plural
no common characteristic, only in midh,in reality
3. wujud inshadra, unity in being and diference ,degreditas in being also, in light
4. radical wujud.
5. wujud in term ibnu arabi

so the sint agustins interes empowerede by spreading aof sympatic of moslem toward boo k of greek an translations.

what kind of civilizations? two kind of double of king and rulers mustanshir, manshur

ontologi, wahdat mutlaq,

what is

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